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Ambassador Program Reboot & This Week in Bald!

We're very proud to introduce our streamlined HeadBlade Ambassador program!  

When you sign up for the program, we'll give you an Ambassador code.  This code can be written down and handed out to others who share our clean look.  When someone makes a purchase with your code they will receive a 20% discount, and you'll receive a portion of that purchase in HeadBlade.com store credit.

We've revamped the "Images" section of the Ambassador page with new web banners and a template so you can print your own Ambassador cards at home!  

Interested?  Click on the banner to the right to sign up! 

We also have a special BALD-O-WEEN edition of This Week in Bald featuring our CEO Todd Greene (video below)!

Don't forget to submit your bald costume picture for our Bald-O-Ween costume contest! Click here to enter. 


This Week in Bald – Episode 1

Our new web series "This Week in Bald" brings you a rundown of news and interesting stories from around the internet.  Look for a new episode every week!  


"This Week in Bald" is hosted by HeadBlade President/Founder/CEO/Funnyman Todd Greene. 


User friendly for all folks.

I recently became disabled due to a back injury. Trying to shave my head with a tradional razor was next to impossible. Three weeks ago I received my HB and after a couple times I'm a pro.
While it's fun to kid around about my new shiny dome, the reality is that it probably would not be possible without Headblade.

Name: Dave
City: St Cloud
State: Florida
Country: U.S.


Enter Our Bald-O-Ween Contest!

It's that time again… the Third Annual Bald-o-ween Photo Contest is here.  Enter today and you could win an ATX Starter Kit and be featured on HeadBlade.com as User of the Month! Here's how it works…

  1. Submit A Photo – Upload a photo of your best bald costume, past or present. If there's a story behind it, share that too. Submissions will be accepted from Wed. 10/17 – Thurs. 11/1.
  2. Voting – We will compile our favorite entries and open it up to the HeadBlade community to vote from Fri. 11/2 – Tues. 11/6. Each photo will be posted to the HeadBlade Facebook Page individually.
  3. Prizes – The photo with the most 'Likes' by Tues 11/6 at 11:59pm PDT will be selected as November's User of the Month! You'll also get a HeadBlade ATX Starter Kit Silver! Second and Third place will receive one of our HeadBlade ATX razors.

We look forward to seeing some creative bald costumes!  Click the picture below to enter! 



Been a headblader since 2005, just thought you might enjoy this picture of me guiding some tourists down the 34 degree Nenana River in Denali National Park. No hair = a dry head :)

Name: Thomas Schulz
City: Fairbanks
State: Alaska
Country: USA

Join Our NFL Survivor Pool, Win Store Credit!

It's almost time for football! That means it's time for the HeadBlade Survivor Pool Challenge! If you would like to play, follow the link below. The league ID is 11255 and the password is: Headblade

To play, you just need to pick a team every week which you think will win. You can only use each team once. You will be allowed one strike but the 2nd bad pick and you're out. The goal is to SURVIVE!

This year the prizes will be store credit so the winners will be styling in their favorite HeadBlade product or gear! The 
winner of the pool will receive $100 store credit. Second place is $50 store credit and third will be $25 store credit.

Our very own Operations Manager Mac won the pool last year, and he's looking to repeat! We hope to see some solid competition this season. Good luck!

League ID: 11255

Password: Headblade (PW is case sensitive)


I’m a chick and I use HeadBlade

I was 28 when my hair started falling out due to Alopecia Areata. My husband encouraged me to shave my head because I was always stressed out trying to cover my bald spots. I finally shaved it off and felt such a huge relief. I started shaving my head with an electric razor then I went to using a regular razor; using a regular razor I only shaved my head once a week because I did not like the way the razor felt on my head. I saw HeadBlade being featured on story on CNN (I think) and I immediately went to buy one. I now use HeadBlade every other day and I simply LOVE IT! My only suggestion would be making one in pink for all us bald chicks out there who prefer a nice clean shaved head!

Name: Tina
Country: USA