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Bald and Beautiful…A Father’s Love and Support.

In November of 2010 my 12 year old son was diagnosed with a condition called Alopecia Areata, an auto immune disorder where white blood cells attack his hair folicles and it begins to fall out. Five months later he had lost 90% of his hair on his head.

On his 13th birthday we invited many of his friends, along with their parents, to come and celebrate not only his birthday but his condition, as well. It was deemed a "headshaving" party. A mother and a sister of one of my son’s friends, both hairstylists, provided the service of clipping the hair of those willing to support his condition…all his friends, as well as, the father’s participated.

After being the first to support my son by getting my hair clipped, I immediately took it another step and grabbed my HeadBlade razor and finished the job. As of today my son will be turning 14 in April and is still "bald and beautiful". I continue to support my son by keeping my head cleanly shaven and will continue to do so until my son’s condition changes.

Picture inluded shows both my son and I on the day of his 13th birthday.

Name: Ed Kaleikini
Email: flynhawyn05@verizon.net
City: Westminster
State: California
Country: United States


Oh My God !

I just bought the HeadBlade sport and Head Slick Shave Cream and used it for the first time. All I can say is that I have never had such an easier,quicker or a smoother shave in my life. After watching the video from the site, I had no problems taking to it…very simple to use. Can’t wait to try their other products. HeadBlade ROCKS!!! All you Bald and Beautiful people out there…we have an Ally that have our backs…and our Heads!

Name: RJ Way
Email: rjsway2003@gmail.com
City: Pell City
State: Al
Country: United States


30% Off All Signature Series Apparel

From now until Friday, April 13th all apparel from our Signature Series line is 30% off!  It's officially spring so why not pick up one of our Signature Series hoodies? The NHL playoffs are about to begin, we think you'd look great in one of our HeadBlade hockey jerseys (Ciara not included)!

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New 5 oz. HeadSlick and HeadLube SPF 30!!!


Same great products and brand new package size!!  New 5 oz. BottlesJust when you think we had all the bases covered; HeadSlick sample packs,HeadSlick 8 oz bottles, 2 oz travel bottles, now we hit you with our recommended 5 oz. masterpiece. You may think we're just bored and like new packaging projects (au contraire!), but this one is really the "Goldilocks" of the team; just right. And cool new label, too (that part is because we like packaging projects and strive for perfection).  Buy yours today!

Hello From Malaysia

Thank you guy for these great products. At first when I ordered the products I was not sure whether I really want to go bald. When the package finally arrived ( I waited impatiently for about 10 days for the product to reach here in Malaysia) the moment I opened it I was still indecisive..I was thinking…will this new style suit me? what will my friends say etc

But finally I made up my mind..since I already made the purchase and the products were already in front of my eyes.. I just shaved it all!

To my surprise and excitement, many of my friends praised my new look..they said I looked 10 years younger..they even asked what product I used to make my head look clean, smooth and not shiny which I proudly said Headblade!

Again thank you guys for these great products!

Name: Shahifol
Country: Malaysia

FREE HeadWash for Every Order over $30!


From now until the March 31st, get a FREE 8oz HeadWash with any order over $30!  No promo codes necessary, just select the offer during checkout.  The free HeadWash offer screen appears after you enter your address information.  

$30 requirement does not include taxes or shipping charges.  Happy shopping! 


Trade Your Old S4 Razor for a Brand New S4 Eclipse!

We are very proud to introduce our S4 Eclipse "Trade Up"  program!  From now until March 31, send us your old S4 or S4 Shadow HeadBlade razor and we'll send you a brand-spankin' new S4 Eclipse at half price. You'll also have the chance to purchase anything else from our site at a spiffy 20% discount!*

When we introduced the original S4 in 2004, it was the world's first head shaving razor with wheels. This laid the blueprint for the HeadBlade Sport razor, which was released in 2006.  Three years later we created the S4 Shadow in response to overwhelming requests from HeadBladers not lucky enough to get their hands on one of the original models.  

Fast-forward to 2012…why should you upgrade to the S4 Eclipse? Based on customer feedback we've improved the finger ring and wheel design to be much more rugged. We also added a metal plate on the underside that lays flush for a clean look from all angles. Simply put, the S4 Eclipse is a tank you can shave with! 

If you'd like to participate, here's all you have to do:

  1. Send your old S4 back to us at our address below, shipments must be postmarked by March 31, 2012.   Please BE SURE to include your name and a phone number where you can be reached. We strongly recommend using a service  that provides a tracking number like USPS Priority Mail or UPS. In the event of a mix-up we won't be able to honor any exchanges that can't be backed up with a tracking number.
  2. Once we receive your S4, we'll give you a call to process a payment of $57 ($50 + $7 flat fee for shipping). Don't forget you can also purchase anything else you want from our site at 20% off with no additional shipping charges, so stock up! 

Please send your razors to: 
HeadBlade, Inc.
Attn: S4 Trade Up
3623 Eastham Dr
Culver City, CA 90232

*$50 offer does not include shipping or sales tax. $7 flat shipping fee applies for shipments to the continental 48 United States only, all other shipments will be subject to additional shipping fees . 20% discount may not be combined with any other offers or discounts, and is not available on Gift Certificates.  No proof of purchase is required. California residents only are subject to CA sales tax.

Questions? Please email us at admin@headblade.com.  


Join the 2012 HeadBlade Bracket Challenge, Win Cool Stuff!

It's March Madness time HeadBladers! Join our HeadBlade Bracket Challenge, and you'll be eligible to win some nice HeadBlade gear.  We're giving away an S4 Eclipse razor (valued at $99) for whoever picks the best bracket!  We'll also be giving away a basketball signed by NBA star Al Harrington for second place, and other HeadBlade products for the top 4 finishers.  

All you have to do is click here and join our HeadBlade 2012 group. The password is SMOOTH. 

The tournament matchups will be announced this Sunday, March 11.  The first round of games starts on Tuesday, March 13th.  All picks must be made before the first round gets underway.  

Good luck everyone!

One bracket per user please. Only residents of the USA are eligible to win prizes. 

Should Have Done It 20 Years Ago

For quite some time I had wanted to shave my head but due to the job I had the sudden drastic change to my physical appearance could have actually caused some issues.

I September of 2010 I lost my job when I broke my foot and needed 6 weeks off since I could not work in a kitchen with a cast on.

During my time off I kept thinking of how I have wanted to shave my head. Finally about a month later on 10/28/2010 I finally made the decision to do it and then got the guts TO do it.

I got my beard trimmer out, made sure it was charged well enough, looked at myself in the bathroom mirror, tooth a deep breath and went for it.
I decided the first strip of hair should come off of the center of my head. That way there is no turning back. If I had shaved the first strip off of the side I could have at least evened out the other side but there is no hair style that looks good with a bald stripe right down the center.
As I raised the trimmer to my head my hand shook uncontrollably. I took it away and it stopped. It was almost as though I was calm and ready something in my head and hand were saying" Are you crazy?!".
I took the trimmer to my head again and started the stripe down the center and for the first three or four passes my hand shook but I carried on anyway knowing the trimmers wouldn't cut me.
Once I finished shaving my head with the trimmers I started in with the final close shave with my 1940s safety razor and and shaving cream. I did a lot better than I thought I would. I ended up with a few scrapes, one minor cut and razor burn by the time I was done.
I wasn't sure if I liked it or not yet but I cleaned up and went outside into the cool nights soft breeze and that was when I realized this was one of the best decisions I had made in years.
Once I was done enjoying that breeze on my freshly shaved head I went back inside and sat down at my desk and remembered there was a razor I saw a long time ago that was made for shaving the head. I went to Google and within a matter of seconds found HeadBlade.com and sure enough that was the razor I was thinking of.
I ordered their classic razor, some samples of Headslick, Clearhead and Headshed and Headlubes. Then, I went onto Facebook and joined their Facebook group and introduced myself.
While I waited to my package to arrive from Headblade I did let my hair start to grow again because one, I wanted the tiny cut and the scrapes to heal, and two, I wanted to be ready to use it the day it came in. This didn't work. I ended up shaving it because I hated the stubble look and then later that day my package arrived.
At least I got to enjoy the stickers and other trinkets that were included.
I waited a couple days and then put the Headblade to the test and it worked just as awesomely as they said it would.
No cuts, scrapes, or razor burn. Just a smooth head.
I became a Headblade man right then and there 100%. After three or four shaves I began to experience the two to three minute shaves I had heard about. At first I was overly cautious since it was a new thing to me.
A little over a year later I am still going strong and still have not experienced razor burn, nicks, cuts or scrapes at all. Their products are great and their customer service is outstanding!

Name: Ray
City: Sacramento
State: Ca
Country: USA