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Come See HeadBlade at the March Field Airfest 2012, Get an S4 Eclipse!

We'd like to cordially invite everyone to come meet our President & Founder, Todd Greene at the March Field AirFest 2012!  The event takes place on Saturday, May 19th and Sunday, May 20th at the March Air Reserve Base near Moreno Valley, California in Southern California's beautiful Inland Empire.  Todd will be manning the HeadBlade booth along with one of the beautiful ladies below, handing out samples and spreading the word about HeadBlade.   

If any of you dedicated HeadBladers (dediBladers?) would like to come help Todd hand out samples and talk about HeadBlade, come on down!  You will be handsomely rewarded for your efforts, anyone who helps us out for 3 hours will get a S4 Eclipse razor ($99 value).  We can accept up to 5 people for each day, if you're interested please RSVP to admin@headblade.com.  

It's going to be a weekend of fun, sun and planes!  Admission is totally FREE. For more information please visit http://www.marchfieldairfest.com/.

Hope to see you all there! 


Genetic Baldness Can SUCK IT

Genetic baldness can SUCK it. Review: I ordered my kit Saturday, Cinco De Mayo. It came in today, Tuesday. I shaved my head for the first time in my life less than an hour ago. It was easy. Painless. Clean. As simple as running my hand across my head. Now I look like a total bad ass. It’s great. Girls that didn’t look at me with hair are now checking ME out. HeadBlader for life now!

Name: Ryan Congiardo
Country: USA

HeadBlade.com – Now Accepting Paypal!

Shopping on our site has become even easier…HeadBlade.com now accepts PayPal!  This is great news for Discover card users who've been unable to shop on our site until now.  Just click on the PayPal link under your shopping cart when you're ready to checkout.  

Happy shopping from HeadBlade! 


Ryan Katz Teaches Katie Daryl How to Wrestle on HDNet!

Each week on HDNet’s Deadline!, the beautiful Katie Daryl travels the world looking for interesting and compelling people and stories.  This week she stopped by Santino Bros gym to get some instruction in the art of professional wrestling from the one and only Ryan Katz. Check out the video to see Katie and Ryan in action…plus arm tassels the Ultimate Warrior would be proud of!  Being a longtime HeadBlader, Ryan wanted to be decked out in HeadBlade gear from head to toe. Here he is with Katie wearing our new Signature Series Soccer T (weird yellow waist wrap not included).  
Katie Daryl and Ryan KatzKatie Daryl Choking Ryan Katz
Photos from the Deadline! Blog  

Deadline! airs every Thursday at Midnight ET on HDNet. You can follow Katie and Ryan on twitter here.


PLEASE Help Us Test Our New Blade Cartridges (FREE)! – OFFER CLOSED

EDIT: Due to overwhelming response this offer is NOW CLOSED.  Thank you all!

The rumors are true.  Here at HeadBlade Worldwide Headquarters, we've been hard at work in the shave lab perfecting the design for our next generation of HeadBlade cartridges.  Our new cartridges feature "open-flow" design for easy rinsing as well as some fancy moisturizing lubricating strips.  They also use the newest technology for thinner, long-lasting blades that give an incredibly comfortable shave.  The cartridges will come in both 4 and 6 blade configurations.

We've done our part, now we're asking for some help from our beloved HeadBladers!  We're looking for current HeadBladers to try our new blades and answer a VERY short (10 question) survey about your shaving experience.  Your answers will help us make the final adjustments needed to get these blades just perfect!  For your efforts you'll also receive 20% off your next HeadBlade order!

Participation in this test is FREE! All you have to do is click on the link below, add the the "Adaptor Test Pack" to your shopping cart, and checkout.  This is totally free, we'll even take care of the shipping charges. The "Adaptor Test Pack" contains an instruction card, (1) 4 blade cartridge, (1) 6 blade cartridge, and (2) test adaptors. 

Picture above is a tentative package design. Blade packs not included in this free offer.  This offer is for US shipping addresses only.


Bald and Beautiful…A Father’s Love and Support.

In November of 2010 my 12 year old son was diagnosed with a condition called Alopecia Areata, an auto immune disorder where white blood cells attack his hair folicles and it begins to fall out. Five months later he had lost 90% of his hair on his head.

On his 13th birthday we invited many of his friends, along with their parents, to come and celebrate not only his birthday but his condition, as well. It was deemed a "headshaving" party. A mother and a sister of one of my son’s friends, both hairstylists, provided the service of clipping the hair of those willing to support his condition…all his friends, as well as, the father’s participated.

After being the first to support my son by getting my hair clipped, I immediately took it another step and grabbed my HeadBlade razor and finished the job. As of today my son will be turning 14 in April and is still "bald and beautiful". I continue to support my son by keeping my head cleanly shaven and will continue to do so until my son’s condition changes.

Picture inluded shows both my son and I on the day of his 13th birthday.

Name: Ed Kaleikini
Email: flynhawyn05@verizon.net
City: Westminster
State: California
Country: United States


Oh My God !

I just bought the HeadBlade sport and Head Slick Shave Cream and used it for the first time. All I can say is that I have never had such an easier,quicker or a smoother shave in my life. After watching the video from the site, I had no problems taking to it…very simple to use. Can’t wait to try their other products. HeadBlade ROCKS!!! All you Bald and Beautiful people out there…we have an Ally that have our backs…and our Heads!

Name: RJ Way
Email: rjsway2003@gmail.com
City: Pell City
State: Al
Country: United States


30% Off All Signature Series Apparel

From now until Friday, April 13th all apparel from our Signature Series line is 30% off!  It's officially spring so why not pick up one of our Signature Series hoodies? The NHL playoffs are about to begin, we think you'd look great in one of our HeadBlade hockey jerseys (Ciara not included)!

Just enter the Promo code SIGNATURE at checkout, and the 30% discount will be applied to your order.   This offer ends at 3:00 PM PST on Friday, April 13th, and cannot be combined with any other discounts or referral codes.  


New 5 oz. HeadSlick and HeadLube SPF 30!!!


Same great products and brand new package size!!  New 5 oz. BottlesJust when you think we had all the bases covered; HeadSlick sample packs,HeadSlick 8 oz bottles, 2 oz travel bottles, now we hit you with our recommended 5 oz. masterpiece. You may think we're just bored and like new packaging projects (au contraire!), but this one is really the "Goldilocks" of the team; just right. And cool new label, too (that part is because we like packaging projects and strive for perfection).  Buy yours today!

Hello From Malaysia

Thank you guy for these great products. At first when I ordered the products I was not sure whether I really want to go bald. When the package finally arrived ( I waited impatiently for about 10 days for the product to reach here in Malaysia) the moment I opened it I was still indecisive..I was thinking…will this new style suit me? what will my friends say etc

But finally I made up my mind..since I already made the purchase and the products were already in front of my eyes.. I just shaved it all!

To my surprise and excitement, many of my friends praised my new look..they said I looked 10 years younger..they even asked what product I used to make my head look clean, smooth and not shiny which I proudly said Headblade!

Again thank you guys for these great products!

Name: Shahifol
Country: Malaysia