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Help Us Change This Ad in NYC!

This is our Picture of the Month for March, and has come to be known as the "HeadBlade Kiosk" around our office. We have an ad on the side of a newsstand in Manhattan, and we're asking for some help from our fellow HeadBladers to change it up! 

Have an idea for an ad that will turn (bald) heads on the streets of New York? Leave it in the comment section at the bottom of this post. If we use your idea we'll hook you up with some sweet HeadBlade gear! 



i tried every razor out there none seem to do the job! till i came across your product. An bought a sport and head slick and now im hooked love the products!!

Name: will
City: lafayette
State: ga
Country: united states

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HeadBlade President Todd Greene on the 207 Show in Portland, ME

Our President Todd was back in his home state of Maine last week to speak to students at Bowdoin College about his experiences as a student and entrepreneur (Todd graduated with a BA from Bowdoin).

Todd also sat down for a chat with the 207 show, which airs on WCSH6 NBC in Portland, Maine.  Very well done Todd!  It's a little-known fact that sitting in front of a fireplace makes you 57% classier.  We loved the anchors with shaved heads at the end of the interview.  Check out the video below and let us know what you think!  


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Better hair care is no hair care!

My story is simple. I was 'blessed' with naturally curly hair. The kind that grows vertically into a pile on top of your head. Factor in a terrible case of dandruff and psoriasis and my head was a serious nightmare.

To tame that disaster area, I regularly buzz clipped my hair for many years. I did notice, though, that some gray was appearing in my hairline, and I was only 40.

Once, before an important appointment, I needed a trim and could not find the guards for my clippers. I decided to just buzz it down to the scalp and deal with it.

The next day, I shaved it with a razor. I hacked it up pretty good, my head looked like a nicked up bullet that the CSI people dug out of a crime scene.

It was then I realized I needed a better razor, so I picked up a Headblade and some HeadSlick from the local drugstore.

My scalp was awful, splotchy and scaly from the psoriasis. I used some medicated apricot facial scrub and began regularly washing my scalp with it. Two weeks later, with the help of Headblade products, my head was sly and smooth and I looked and felt awesome.

That was almost four years ago.

Shortly after I went bald, I found the woman of my dreams. She absolutely loves my bald head. And I love it when she touches my head.

We met on Facebook. She was attracted to my dome when she saw my profile picture. The photo was an oddity, I was in costume for Halloween and singing in the finals of a karaoke contest. Good thing I reminded her of a very famous and sexy starship captain!

I'll never stop shaving my head, even though I was not losing my hair, I am 'bald by choice.' I look and feel younger, no more gray and no more 'heartbreak of psoriasis.'

I highly recommend anyone who is not pleased with their hair or hairline to give it a shot. There's nothing like it!

Name: Dave Lowe
City: Tampa
State: FL
Country: USA

HeadBlade User Stories

HeadBlade has been offering unique products for headshavers since 1999. In that time we’ve heard many interesting, funny and inspirational stories from our customers about how HeadBlade has made a positive impact in their lives. We would love to hear your HeadBlade story!

Please fill out the form below and tell us your story. As soon as it’s posted to our blog you’ll be able to share it with your family, friends and the world! If you wish, please include a photo of your shaved head, so everyone can see just how smooth you are!

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HeadBlade Sponsored Fighter Jorge Rivera Goes Out With a Bang at UFC on FX

HeadBlade would like to congratulate our sponsored fighter Jorge "El Conquistador" Rivera for his 2nd round TKO victory against Eric Schafer at UFC on FX last Friday, January 20! Immediately following the fight Jorge announced his retirement from the UFC.  Jorge has fought as a professional since 2001, and finishes his career with a 20-9-0 record in MMA.  

Jorge will continue his career in mixed martial arts when he opens his gym, the Rivera Athletic Center, next month in Milford, MA.  

Congratulations on a great career Jorge!  Below are some pictures from the event, you can find our logo on his banner, shorts and head (he’s wearing one of our spiffy black beanies).  You can follow Jorge on twitter here.   

Jorge Pre-FightJorge PunchJorge Post-Fight


Come see us at the FitExpo LA this weekend!

Want to meet the HeadBlade team and President Todd Greene this weekend at the FitExpo in downtown LA? All you have to do is print the $5 off admisison coupon below, come to the LA Convention Center (South Hall entrance) and look for the HeadBlade logo.

Come hear about your favorite HeadBlade products, get some samples and meet the HeadBlade girls!

Hope to see you all there!

fitexpo coupon


HeadBlade Sponsors Jorge Rivera for UFC on FX

HeadBlade is excited to announce our sponsorship of Jorge "El Conquistador" Rivera for his fight against Eric Schafer this Friday, January 20 for UFC on FX!

Jorge Rivera UFC 127

We previously sponsored Jorge in his fight against Michael Bisping at UFC 127. Jorge is a longtime head shaver, a battle tested UFC veteran and an acapella singing enthusiast.  We can’t wait to see him back in the cage again! 

UFC on FX goes down this Friday, January 20.  Undercard fights begin at 3PM PST (6PM EST) on Fuel TV.  The main card broadcast starts at 6PM PST (9PM EST) on FX

You can follow "El Conquistador" on twitter here.  Best of luck Jorge, we’ll be cheering for you!

HeadBlade featured on The 10! Show for NBC Philadelphia

Everyone likes saving money, right?  Author, Blogger and all-around frugal diva Leah Ingram recently stopped by The 10! Show on NBC Philadelphia with some tips on saving money in the new year.  Leah estimates you can save $600 a year just by cutting (or shaving) your own hair!  HeadBladers know this is hardly a secret, but we always appreciate one more reason to shave your head!  HeadBlade is featured just after the 3:00 mark:  

Have more tips on how you’re planning to save money in 2012?  Let’s hear ’em in the comments! 


2012 Muscle Beach Events Hosted by HeadBlade

We are proud to be hosting multiple bodybuilding events during Memorial Day weekend at the world famous Muscle Beach in Venice, California (just a few miles from HeadBlade HQ)!  

Saturday, May 26 is the Raw Bench Press competition.  The Muscle Beach International Classic & Armed Forces Championship takes place on Monday, May 28 and features bodybuilding, figure, bikini and men’s physique competitions.  

We will be on site providing samples, words of encouragement and spreading the message of HeadBlade and head shaving. Drop by the HeadBlade booth and say hi!  

 Raw Bench Press FlyerRaw Bench PressMuscle Beach Memorial Day Flyer

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