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Todd Poole – Xterra USA National Championship Sept. 24, 2011

Long-time HeadBlader Todd Poole sent us this video from Utah during the Xterra USA National Championship.  The annual race consists of a 1500m swim / 28K mountain bike / 9.8K trail run.  In other words… a race most of us could never dream of completing.  

Todd has been featured in Triathlete magazine in the past, and has always been a loyal HeadBlader.  Check him out below giving a HeadBlade shoutout, and crossing the finish line of the triathalon.  

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

St. Baldrick's Event with HeadBlade

September is National Childhood Awareness Month.  Since 2008, HeadBlade has partnered with St. Baldrick’s to help conquer kids’ cancer through nationwide headshaving events.  The St. Baldrick’s Foundation currently funds more in childhood cancer research grants than any organization except the U.S. government.  

Despite the incredible work St. Baldrick’s has done to raise funds for life-saving research, spreading awareness is as important as ever. Worldwide, more than 160,000 children are diagnosed with childhood cancer each year. One in five children diagnosed with cancer will not survive.  

help image
Here’s a few ways to show support for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month:

  1. Purchase St. Baldrick’s & HeadBlade apparel. 30% of proceeds go directly to St. Baldrick’s 
  2. Download the free ShaveMyHead iPhone App and select ‘Dedicate this shave’ when sharing your photo
  3. Like the St. Baldrick’s Facebook Page and tell your friends
  4. Find a local St. Baldrick’s event in your area
  5. Donate directly on the HeadBlade page at StBaldricks.org

HeadBlade Helmet Challenge

Compete against other HeadBladers in the first annual HeadBlade Helmet Challenge!  Here’s the deal:

– Every week, pick one team to win (up to 5 minutes before the first game that week) 
– Once you pick a team, you cannot pick that team again 
– Double elimination 
– Overall winner at the end of the season will receive*: 
  • HeadBlade Pre-Game Kit 
  • Throwback HeadBlade helmet 
  • Black/Yellow HeadBlade messenger bag 

– Second place will receive:

  • Long-sleeved HeadBlade Football T-shirt
  • Rubber HeadBlade keychain
*In event of a tie, we will honor up to two winners. If more than two winners, we will do a random drawing for the final two winners.

In order to enter the Challenge, just go to Survival Football, and click the "Join a Group" button. From there, enter the following information…
Group ID#: 14880
Password: shaveyourhead

headblade helmet challenge

Jack Opens HeadBlade From Plastic Package

Despite the hilarious Curb Your Enthusiasm clip, HeadBlade’s Warehouse Manager Jack thinks there’s an easier way to attack your packaging.  He decided to give a quick demonstration on how to remove a HeadBlade Sport from its plastic package.  As evidenced in the video, he wins every time.  

We want to prevent you from having a Larry David-like fight with your packaging. If you have other suggestions that Jack didn’t cover, let us know.

Letter To The President #1

"I’m sorry I can’t remember your name, but I saw the story on How I Made My Millions last night as I was getting ready for work. I wrote down the name of your product, and purchased the HeadBlade Sport when I got off. I’m not that into paying somebody $15 to shave my head, so I would personally like to say thank you, for you have made it possible for me to shave my head on my own.

As for the razor, it was so smooth that for the first time ever, I shaved against the grain. I am blown away by the simplicity of the idea, and the performance of a machine so simple. You sir, have made a customer for life. Also, if you are ever in the Central Florida area doing a benefit for St. Baldricks, I would more than gladly volunteer my time. 

Thank you,
Joshua B."

To submit a letter, visit the Contact Us page and select ‘Letter To The President’ from the dropdown options