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Product Spotlight: The Groomster


Headshavers are a special breed. We like to look our best, smooth and well-groomed. For that reason, HeadBlade carries a handy little manicure kit we call the Groomster.

Included are scissors, a nail clipper, nail file, cuticle remover tool, tweezers and… an ear pick! Remember how your mom always said, “Never stick anything sharper than your elbow in your ear?” Well, we’re grownups now and we can do what we want, but be careful anyway!

Packed with all the necessary tools to keep your hands looking as neat and clean as your head, it’s just the right size to keep with you so that you can take care of any manicurial mishaps that might arise. You really don’t want to shake that new client’s hand and slice it open with a hangnail, right?

HeadBlader Joshua K. gave the Groomster five stars!

starstarstarstarstar  WOW!
I thought it was going to be just another grooming kit, but WOW was I wrong. It is the best one that i have bought. Thanks HeadBlade!!!


The Groomster kit is one of our biggest sellers, and makes a great gift for Dad or anyone you know who likes to look sharp from top to toe.


Shave Plans Are Here! Free shipping, no commitment.


HeadBlade Shave Plans are a direct result of requests from HeadBladers. There’s a huge community of HeadBladers out there that want the convenience of an automatic delivery service. You asked, we answered…shave plans are here! Best of all, shipping is always FREE and there is no commitment required to sign up.

Every Shave Plan starts with blades. Every Shave Plan is customizable and a la carte. Choose your blades, then add the HeadCare products you want in your plan. Select your quantity and delivery interval (30, 60 or 90 days). You’ll receive an email notification 1 week before your next order ships. You can always postpone, change or cancel your plan at any time. Shave plans must include blades, creams-only plans are not available at this time.

For a limited time, your first subscription order will include a complimentary 30 pack of our new & improved HeadWipes!

Get Started: Choose Your Blades.

Questions? Check out our Shave Plan FAQ.

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Father’s Day: Free HeadWipes, Lower Free Shipping Minimum



Father’s Day is here again and we’re feeling extra generous. To celebrate all you dads out there we’re including a 30 pack of HeadWipes FREE with every purchase of a qualifying kit! Just purchase an ATX Kit, ATX Kit Plus, Shark Kit or Refill Kit before June 21st and we’ll throw in a complimentary pack of our new HeadWipes.

Lower Free Shipping Minimum

We’ve lowered our free shipping minimum to $50.  We’re committed to putting HeadBladers first and making it easier to get the shaving gear you love. Just select the “Free Shipping” option at checkout, no special codes required.

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New Product Alert: HeadWipes Are Back!



For those HeadShavers who enjoy that cool, calm and collected feeling, HeadWipes are a great way to feel refreshed.

We all know that grimy feeling your scalp gets as the day goes on. Dirt, sweat and oil build up and make you feel gross. Just grab a HeadWipe and you’ll feel good as new in less than 30 seconds!

HeadWipes are infused with aloe, green tea, sea salt and cucumber fruit extract and have a clean scent. The new resealable package allows you to bring HeadWipes anywhere.

Resealable pack of 30 wipes.

HeadWipes product page

Product Spotlight: HeadShed

 HeadShed Exfoliating Scrub
Aestheticians and dermatologists will tell you that when it comes to skin care, exfoliation is one of the most important things in your routine. Removing the dead, dry cells from the surface reveals new, healthy skin ready for shaving and moisturizing.


We developed HeadShed so that your head gets all the pampering it deserves, and you’ll get a clean, smooth shave. The finely crushed walnut shells gently scrub away any flakes or impurities, leave your head shiny smooth, helping your HeadBlade glide nicely over your head for that quick and easy shave you’ve come to count on.


Now, we can chat up the product til the cows come home, but the “proof is in the pudding,” as the saying goes. What do actual HeadBladers say?


SAM gave HeadShed a rave review, and shared some HeadBlader pro-tips:
starstarstarstarstar An absolute must for head shavers
Prior to using this product, I constantly struggled with dry/flaky skin on my head. I was scratching my head all the time and often would find myself picking at particularly flaky spots throughout the day … not exactly a habit that you want to get into. You do NOT want to be that guy who is always scratching/picking his bald head, that is simply not good.


With HeadShed, those dry/flaky spots are COMPLETELY GONE and I almost never have an itchy head these days. My head is significantly smoother than it’s ever been before and it makes all the difference in the world. Because I have very sensitive skin, I only shave my head every other day and therefore only use HeadShed every other day (immediately before shaving). You do not want/need to rub hard when using HeadShed – it will do the work for you. Just rub lightly, especially on the more sensitive parts of your head like the hairline. I suggest using a non-exfoliating shampoo on your non-shaving days.


Side note: It seems like everyone suggests shaving your head immediately after a shower so the hair is softened up. That’s great in theory and it does work well, but it’s not always possible or practical to do that if you’re traditionally a shower-in-the-evening, shave-in-the-morning person. I’ve found that if I’m not showering immediately before shaving, I can just (1) run warm/hot water over my head in the sink for 10-20 seconds, (2) lightly rub a small amount of HeadShed over my head for 10-20 seconds, (3) rinse it off with warm/hot water, and (4) lather up with HeadSlick and get right to shaving. These quick steps make a big difference if you need to shave without a full shower first.


Get yourself some HeadShed today!

Product Spotlight: the HeadStand

Featured Product: HeadStand

The HeadStand is one accessory most HeadBladers just can’t do without. Even though they have come up with some pretty creative ways to hang, hold and store their HeadBlades, they were thrilled beyond belief when we came out with the HeadStand. Since then, it’s been one of our best-selling accessories and when we do any kind of promo where there’s a discount or we give one away free with a purchase, they FLY off the shelves!

Oh, and if you order an ATX from, you’ll receive a post card telling you how to get a FREE HeadStand just for reviewing the ATX! Yes, I said FREE!!!

Here’s what HeadBlader Rutledge C. had to say:

starstarstarstarstar Do not forget to get this!,
Took about 6 months of Headblading before I decided to try the stand. Now I really should get 2 more for my other Headblades. And to place it on the shower wall to hold your headblade art, works great!


Holds any model, including the ATX, S4 Shark and S4 Eclipse. Mounts vertically or horizontally. Comes standard with waterproof 3M double-sided mounting tape. Please note – HeadBlade razor sold separately.

Order yours today!

HeadBlade Now at Select Ricky’s NYC Stores




We are incredibly excited to be back in select Ricky’s stores in New York!  If you’re in Manhattan please stop by and check them out. Our current store list is as follows:

Ricky’s 89th – 1574 Third Ave, NYC Tel: 212-996-7030
Ricky’s 83rd St. – 472 Columbus Ave, NYC Tel: 212-724-4590
Ricky’s 23rd – 267 W 23rd St, NYC Tel: 212-206-0234
Ricky’s 74th St. – 1425 2nd Ave. NYC Tel: 212-988-2291
Ricky’s 17th St. – 142 8th Ave, NYC Tel: 212-242-4288
Ricky’s 39th – 1412 Broadway, NYC Tel: 212-768-1175
Ricky’s 79th – 1380 3rd Ave, NYC Tel: 212-737-7723
Ricky’s Empire State – 383 Fifth Ave, NYC Tel: 212-481-6701
Ricky’s 13th – 111 Third Ave, NYC Tel: 212-674-9640
Ricky’s Worldwide Plaza – 728 9th Ave, NYC Tel: 212-245-1265
Ricky’s 72nd – 112 W 72nd St, NYC Tel: 212-769-3678
Ricky’s 8th St – 44 East 8th St, NYC Tel: 212-254-5247
Ricky’s Soho – 590 Broadway, NYC Tel: 212-226-5552


Product Feature: HeadWash

A few days ago we asked our Facebook faithful what they liked best about our HeadWash product, and got some great answers:

"I use it as a pre-shave on my head and face. Also, sometimes as a body wash. Smells great too!" – Vince C.

"It's my only 'shampoo' seeing that I never have any hair!" – Ben S.

"Makes for a great beard wash! Doesn't leave it all fluffy like a shampoo would." – Shannon C.

"Why did I not know this product exists?!" – Jeremy A.

Yikes! We're here to remedy that, Jeremy.

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Black Friday? Meet the All-New ATX LE Black!

Here at HeadBlade, we are fans of black.  Ever since the original HeadBlade (now called the Classic) our company colors have been yellow and black, and every razor since has followed suit.  

Just for this holiday season we're proud to introduce a sleek new member to the HeadBlade family…the ATX LE Black! Perfect if you're not into the whole "multiple colors" thing.  Finger ring, body, wheels & tires…all black.  The yellow HeadBlade badge on the front provides a small splash of color.

Does it look like the batmobile?  Sure. But can the batmobile shave your head? Probably, have you seen the inside of that thing?  

We are offering a sweet deal for those who want this new Limited Edition color HeadBlade as part of a starter kit.  The ATX LE Black Kit comes with the following products: 

  • HeadBlade ATX LE Black
  • HB4 Refill Blade Pack 
  • 2oz Travel Pack
  • Box for easy gifting
  • FREE Grey HeadBlade Beanie

A perfect starter kit for anyone who shaves, whether a HeadBlade newbie or veteran. This also ships FREE in the USA, just choose the "free shipping" option at checkout.  


Pink Is the New Yellow!

Ever since the introduction of the original HeadBlade people have wanted them in pink (it just looks cool).  This little razor also supports a great cause. 

This special edition ATX has all the features of the original ATX. Easy to use design with no learning curve. Comes with a HB4 blade cartridge with flow through design for easy rinsing. Works great for head, face and body shaving. 

30% of all proceeds from this product will be donated to a cancer charity (TBA).

HeadBlade ATX – Pink Charity Edition