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ATX LE Colors - 2 Pack
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    ATX LE Colors - 2 Pack


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    We love yellow and black. We really do. But every so often we get inspired to go “out there” and create some fun new takes on our razors. This year is no exception as we welcome two new limited edition color combinations to the ATX family...Black/Clear and Blue/Yellow! This pack comes with both color combinations at a discounted price.

    The ATX color combinations and package artwork are inspired by our recent collaboration with famed graphic artist John Van Hamersveld. We hired Mr. Van Hamersveld to reinterpret our logo and colors...the results were so exciting we wanted to share them with HeadBladers everywhere.

    John Van Hamersveld has been capturing imaginations with his art and illustrations since the 1960s. He created the iconic poster for “The Endless Summer” and designed album art for such legendary acts as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and many more. John has continued to make waves in 2014, being inducted into the Surfing Walk of Fame in Huntington Beach, CA.


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