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    Headblade Timeline

    The original HeadBlade was designed by Todd Greene in 1997 and definitely followed the axiom "necessity is the mother of all invention." He had been shaving his head almost daily since 1992 and, after years of shaving his head with a standard razor, created an ergonomic handle that was compatible with standard razor cartridges. An entrepreneur at heart, Todd took his original razor and created a company based on the design. Combined with the growing acceptance of head shaving and the active lifestyle, Todd bet that he could create a brand with head shavers as its core. He never expected the design world to take note of such a novel idea. Not that it was 'just a razor;' Todd knew it was completely functional and well designed, but because it seemed so small in the big picture.

    Major razor companies poured hundreds of millions of dollars into product development, design, and marketing yet here was this tiny little razor designed by one man, in one year, and it was winning national design awards. Why? Because it was so pure and functional and aesthetically pleasing. It wasn't watered down by fifty designers with fifty viewpoints who answer to ten bosses who have to listen to the bean counters and the marketing department and, well, the list goes on. The HeadBlade had a single function; to make headshaving easy and it was based on some very simple design principals;

    • The user had to be able to shave by feel (meaning the razor has to sit close to the head and the user be able to touch the head with fingers while shaving).
    • The razor needed two contact points to create a 'suspension' allowing the blade to automatically pivot.
    • The razor had to be compatible with current razors sold in most retailers (as many users have a blade preference).

    At HeadBlade, product design is paramount. And Todd's love of automobiles is apparent in many of the razors' design elements. In the decade following, with Todd's guidance, HeadBlade, Inc. has pioneered the head care market and expanded the company's product range to incorporate complete skin care. In the next few years you will see some new and exciting designs come from HeadBlade. We hope you will continue to follow our journey and go along for the ride.

  • +The Founder

    Todd Greene, 52, is the inventor and founder of HeadBlade, a company now celebrating 20 years in business. Before starting his head care company, Todd worked for a variety of blue-chip companies, along with upstarts including Paul Allen’s Starwave company that developed the original While managing the first fantasy games for them, Todd authored a fictional blog under the pseudonym of Mr. Enright. His work history has included positions in fundraising, new business development, web content production, product design and concepting. Greene describes himself as an “accidental entrepreneur” who places a strong emphasis on the experiential side of life. To that end, he has traveled extensively in Europe and Asia, a long way from his roots in the small town of Augusta, Maine where he was born and raised. For him, the pursuit of ideas and experience takes a higher precedence than a return on investment although that’s nice too. But the big city/small town contrast has also given him a well-developed sense of the absurd and a sometimes satiric temperament best evidenced in his blogging for Huffington Post. In addition to being well-traveled, Todd makes it a point to follow and occasionally participate in a variety of action sports. These interests have permitted Todd to “discover” sports like mixed martial arts well before they’ve enjoyed mainstream acceptance. In fact his company was one of the very first sponsors of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, now a nearly billion dollar enterprise.

    As a well-rounded business owner, Todd is interested in management wisdom found in books such as The Alchemist and The Art of War. He follows the arts and music scenes in Southern California closely, always looking for ideas and inspiration. Not surprisingly, he has been a featured lecturer at USC Pepperdine and the Pasadena Art Center of Design. As an industrial designer, Todd’s strong attraction to form and function underscores his belief in better living through improved design that is hopefully transparent to the user. (No one thinks about the need for an umbrella handle until it’s raining.). And that would explain his most famous invention. The gestation period for the ergonomic head razor, from idea to prototype to production, was two years of constant testing and development. Todd brought his invention to the market and christened it "The HeadBlade” in 1999. The company just celebrated its 10-year anniversary with nearly 1 million sold. The HeadBlade razor is now included in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York City; it is a TIME magazine “Best Invention of the Year” and now, the razor is available just about anywhere shaving products are sold. Multiple HeadBlade line extensions of men’s grooming products are introduced each year so the design and R&D process never stops. With the brand, Todd doesn’t simply sell a “hairstyle”, he sells a lifestyle to the men who shave their heads and the people who love them. One look at his website and you’ll see what he means. HeadBladers like Todd are proud and confident guys; neither passive about life nor the decisions that affect it. This could actually be a mantra of sorts for his life and business. Todd resides in San Pedro with his wife in their classic mid-century modern home and commutes to work to in a signature HeadBlade yellow and black Jeep (he retired the Lotus). Greene holds a BA from Bowdoin College.

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