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HeadBlade 101: Why You Should Shave With the Grain


Although it might feel good and precise to shave against the grain (hair is cut off very close to the skin shaving this way), it is not the ideal way to remove hair with a razor. Shaving against the grain increases your risk of razor burn, bumps, and other skin irritations.

Why is shaving against the grain harmful?

When you shave against the grain, you pull your hair away from the skin before you slice through it. Because hair grows naturally in all directions (especially around the neck) when you cut against its natural direction you ultimately pull hair back on itself. This might make it a closer shave, but it can cause major irritation such as swelling and redness. It can also damage hair follicles and cause ingrown hairs.

Tips to go with the grain

It is still possible to get a close, clean shave when you go WITH the grain. Here are some tips and tricks to help you get there.

  • Investigate: Do as the barbers do and investigate your hair and how it’s growing. Simply rubbing your hand across stubble can easily identify hair growth direction. Using a magnifying mirror can help with this. Once you establish your hair growth patterns, you can come up with the best technique for your shave.
  • Prep: Before you shave wash your face and prep the skin. Warm water opens up the pores. Using a scrub such as HeadShed can help exfoliate soften the facial hair. Lubricated shaving cream is essential to help the razor slide smoothly across your skin. The Special lubricants in HeadSlick Shaving Cream allow blades to glide effortlessly along the skin. HeadSlick is water-soluble, so blades rinse easily.
  • Technique: Use gentle and short strokes when shaving with little pressure. This prevents you from going against the grain accidentally.
  • Razor: Using a high-quality razor can help significantly. Use a razor that is specially designed for a close shave. HeadBlade’s MOTO or ATX razors’ unique designs allow the razor blade to pivot up and down (following the contours of your face and head). Headblade utilizes new multi-blade technology that has a flow-through design.
  • Post Shave: Shaving (regardless of your technique or products) can be irritating to the skin. Taking care of your skin AFTER you shave is just as important. Using an aftershave can add moisture back into the skin. Suppress irritation and redness before it starts. ClearHead helps prevent ingrown hairs and eradicates the ones you do have. ClearHead features Green Tea Extract and Zinc PCA which naturally inhibits oiliness.

HeadBlade 101: Do electric shavers work better than manual shavers?


Knowing the difference between an electric shaver and a manual shaver gives men the ability to hone their personal preferences and find the perfect shaving tool. There are many factors that influence what shaving tools work best.

Skin Type

Your skin type plays a paramount role in your shaving routine.  The misconception is that people with sensitive skin or prone to razor burn should opt for an electric razor.  On the contrary, men prefer a manual razor because shaving cream makes their shave smooth clean and close. The men who like to use fresh blades use manual razors because their cartridges can be easily replaced and they will master a perfect shave.

Electric Shavers

Electric shavers are the best way to save time when it comes to head shaving. If you are dealing with copious amounts of hair or simply trimming your hair (not clean shaving) electric shavers are a great option. However, if you want to accomplish a smooth, close shave it can be very hard to achieve using an electric razor. Secondly, because it is an electronic device, you have to maintain and clean the tool. You also have to charge it or replace batteries frequently and also shave more often since it is not a perfect shave. Electric shavers can be quite expensive and are regarded as an investment purchase.

Manual Shavers

Manual shavers are easy to use and are budget-friendly. Those who are trying to achieve a smooth, close, hairless shave will have much better luck using a manual razor. You can find regular manual razors almost anywhere and are ideal for the on-the-go type of man. Men who travel frequently prefer a manual razor for its convenience factor. On the downside, it can also require more time to achieve your perfect shave.

The Perfect Shave

The perfect shave can be achieved. Headblade’s award-winning design has changed the landscape of head shaving. Men who are looking for a perfectly close shave (on the head or face) look to HeadBlade MOTO for its dual-active suspension. Headblade’s unique design allows the razor blade to pivot up and down. This makes the razor able to follow the contour of the scalp. It’s design and robust design leaves little room for error and results are flawless.

How To Stop Bleeding from a Head Shaving Cut


Regardless of your experience or skill level, there is a chance you may slip up and nick yourself while shaving your head specially if you are not using a properly lubricated blade made for head shaving. There are many reasons why you could cut yourself: an ingrown hair, a small bump, or simply by moving the razor too rapidly. No one wants to go out into the world with a bleeding gash, so the best way to stop your cut from bleeding is to follow some basic tricks and tips.

Don’t Use the Bathroom Tissues

There are many other ways to stop bleeding than using bits of tissues or toilet paper that stick to your skin. These 5 other home remedies will treat wounds faster.

  • Ice Cubes: The cold of ice shrinks blood vessels. Applying an ice cube to your face with enabling clots to form quickly.
  • Eye Drops: Products that help alleviate redness, such as Visine (for your eyes) constricts blood vessels, thus reducing bleeding.
  • Deodorant: The ingredient known as aluminum chloride found in most deodorants not only shrinks sweat glands but constricts blood vessels as well.
  • Mouthwash: Tissues contract with alcohol. The alcohol found in mouthwash acts as an astringent and brings a stop to bleeding.
  • Lip Balm: The thick consistency of lip balm acts as an adhesive and seals blood from gushing. Lip balm also can act as a healer and prevent scabbing.

Disinfect and Heal

 There is a proper way to heal your nicks from shaving. Follow these guidelines to make sure your cuts are properly taken care of and heal properly.

  1. Clean the cut with warm water. Press a warm compress against the cut for about 30 seconds. This does an initial clean of the cut and slows down blood flow.
  2. Use a toner or alcohol-free toner aftershave to disinfect.
  3. Use ice to constrict blood vessels.
  4. Apply lip balm to ask act as a seal and stop blood completely.
  5. Use a bump treatment such as Clearhead Bump Treatment to prevent ingrown hairs and keep skin clean.
  6. Apply a lotion such as HeadLube Glossy to keep your skin moisturized.

HeadBlade 101: Self Headshave for the First Time

Shaving Routine

Congrats on making one of the best decisions… you decided to shave your head! Shaving your head takes gusto and confidence and the first time might give you some anxiety. Although HeadBlade has patented the best blade technology in the business, there are some tips that can help improve the shaving process.  Don’t be ashamed to ask the questions. We are here to teach you! Learn how to make the most out of this game-changing choice.

Tips For Your First Head Shave

  1. Shave After the Shower – When you get out of the shower, your hair is at its softest. When hair is soft, you can gently use your razor. Additionally, you are less likely to get razor burn or cut yourself.
  2. Use The Right Shaving Products – Exfoliating before you shave rids dead skin cells and polishes the skin surface. HeadShed Scrub acts as an effective pre-shave and preps the skin.
  3. Shave Cream – Choosing the right shaving cream can be a make or break choice. HeadSlick Shave Cream consists of special lubricants that allow blades to glide effortlessly. The mentholated formula leaves your skin feeling refreshed. Because HeadSlick is a water-based solution it rinses off the blades easily.
  4. Good Views – Shave in front of a mirror in a room with good lighting. If you are able to see all angles, there is a lesser chance of cutting yourself.
  5. The Right Direction – This is a basic grooming tenet: SHAVE IN THE DIRECTION YOUR HAIR GROWS. Although it feels good to shave against the grain, it can lead to major razor burn.
  6. Grooming Routine – Establishing a routine will make it shaving innate part of your grooming process.
  7. Invest in SPF – You must protect your head. UV rays are damaging. If you are not used to shaving your head, you have to remember to protect this new vulnerable region. A product that is dual-action such as HeadLube SPF 50 not only protects your skin from the sun but moisturizes as well. HeadLube has a thicker consistency so it coats well and leaves no greasy residue.

HeadBlade 101: Avoiding ingrown hairs, razor burn & bumps

ingrown hair

Shaving your hair can be a tedious process. Men make many mistakes when it comes to shaving. These mistakes can result in ingrown hairs, razor burn, and bumps. Fortunately, technology and product development have made it easier to fix these common problems. The most ordinary mistakes that men make are skipping the cleansing and moisturizing steps. Shaving the skin dry (and dirty) can cause infection, ingrown hair, and razor burn.

Cleanse Skin Before Shave

Cleaning the skin before shaving avoids the risk of skin irritation. If the skin is cleansed, your shave will be more successful. Taking off the dead skin using an exfoliator such as HeadShed Scrub, preps and smooths the skin surface for a proper shave.

Moisturize After Shaving

You cannot skip out on moisturizing your skin after shaving. Taking the time to hydrate your skin prevents both razor burn and bumps. Burns and bumps happen during or right after your shave, so bringing moisture to the skin immediately after shaving will prevent the pain and itch. HeadLube is a moisturizing lotion that promotes smoothness to post-shaven skin. It contains antibacterial ingredients such as tea tree oil that help prevent flakiness and irritation. The anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of HeadLube also help reduce ingrown hairs. HeadLube comes in both glossy or matte, so you can choose what finish you like best.

Fix The Problem

As much as we try to prevent irritation and ingrown hairs, the hair removal process can be an unexpected and complicated journey. That’s why ClearHead Bump Treatment was made! ClearHead’s formula helps prevent, but also eradicates ingrown hairs. The green tea extract and zinc PCA recipe soothes sensitive areas and helps boosts skin back to normal.

Invest in Your Head Care

HeadBlade has made it their mission to create unique and individualized products for the men who shave their head. They have dedicated themselves to making the shaving process a less tedious and successful process for all men. Avoid the rough shaving process by investing in proper shaving products.

HeadBlade 101: How to Prevent Summer Break-Outs

Prevent Summer Break-Outs

The summer months can wreak havoc on our skin complexion. The warm weather can influence flare-ups, inflammation, and clogged pores. In addition, sweat can exacerbate breakouts. Hair follicles clog, and as a result, there is an overgrowth of bacteria. Dirt and debris build-up are most common during the summer months, making summer one of the harshest seasons for our skin.

Here are some tips to prevent summer break-outs.

Exfoliate and Tone

Remove dead skin cells to allow your skin to reproduce faster. Using an exfoliant such as HeadShed Scrub that contains fine ground walnut shells, you can detoxify and soothe the skin simultaneously.

Use Light SPF Moisturizers

Use an SPF that will allow your pores to breathe. Using a light SPF won’t clog your pores. If you are spending most of your summer in the sun, make sure to apply your sunscreen every couple of hours to avoid damaging UV rays. In the mildest form, sunburn can create a reddening of the skin called erythema, in the harshest form, sunburn can cause the skin to blister and peel. HeadLube SPF 50 is Oxybenzone and Octinoxate free UV protector that is made specifically to keep your scalp healthy and protected. The unique formula does not leave any greasy residue and can be applied multiple times a day.

HeadLube SPF50

Keep Clean

Keep clean and wash your skin multiple times of the day. Environment factors such as sweat and sun pollution can cause dirt to build up and send your oil glands into a frenzy. Keeping your skin refreshed and clean increases your epidermal turnover.

Use the Correct Treatment

Making sure you use the right products that react well with your irritated (and the sun) is of chief importance: You don’t want to make your skin more unbalanced or extra oily during the summer months. Choose products that have anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties. ClearHead Bump Treatment features Green Tea Extract and Zinc PCA which naturally inhibits oiliness.