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Here is What Your Shaving Routine Should Look Like


Here is what your shaving routine should look like

When it comes to shaving, make sure you take great care of your scalp and skin. A proper head care regimen is the foundation for a great shave. By using the right products and making your skin regimen a habitual act, your shaving routine will be victorious. Step up your grooming game and it will keep you looking younger longer.


Preparation is key when it comes to shaving your head or face. Before you shave, rinse your scalp or submerge your face with hot water. This will open your pores and soften your hair, making it easier for the razor to cut through. Using an exfoliator before you shave takes off dead skin and preps the skin. HeadShed exfoliator uses fine ground walnut shells to slough away dull, dead skin cells.

Lather Up

Using the right products on your scalp and face is one of the most important decisions you can make regarding your shave routine. Choose a shaving cream that will give you the smoothest shave possible. HeadSlick Shave Cream uses special lubricants that allows blades to glide effortlessly along the skin. A water soluble solution, HeadSlick rinses easily off blades. The mentholated formula gives your skin a cool and refreshed feeling after shaving.

Choose The Right Razor

We all want shaving to be easier. The HeadBlade razors are based on the simple idea of making your finger the handle and using a car-like suspension for a nick-free shave. With the HeadBlade your palm and fingers stay in contact with your scalp at all times, allowing you to shave by feel. Shaving with a HeadBlade is faster, easier, and just-plain-better than a traditional stick razor. The newest design, the HeadBlade MOTO, is also great for face, body and leg shaving.

Moisturize and Soothe

After shaving make sure to moisturize and soothe in order to prevent ingrown hairs and eradicate previous ones. ClearHead features Green Tea Extract and Zinc PCA which naturally inhibits oiliness. This product helps keep your skin smooth. A moisturizing lotion that won’t clog your pores is paramount to keeping your skin clear. Restoring the moisture in your skin and reducing irritation will avoid any redness or other problems that come from shaving.

HeadBlade Reintroduces the HB2!

Since starting the company in 1999, we’ve had four major HeadBlade designs; the Classic (1999), the Sport (2005), the ATX (2012), and the MOTO (2017).

The HeadBlade Classic and Sport work using the ‘pushing’ method where the blade is positioned on the front of the unit.  While these units are more difficult to ‘master’ they give an amazing shave using generic type Atra and Ultrex blades.  In 2002 we introduced the HB2 blades which came with additional adapters that kept the performance level to OEM standards.  In 2006 we discontinued the HB2’s and came out with the HB3’s, which added an additional blade to the cartridge at a higher price.  Now we are reintroducing the HB2 and discontinuing the HB3’s.

As we developed newer technologies, especially with suspension geometry, we created the ATX and MOTO editions which worked with the “pulling” method favored by conventional handles.  With this new set-up we were able to create an ultimate HeadBlade that gives a great shave right out of the box with no learning curve.  We designed these new models to work exclusively with our HB4 and HB6 blades.

In the next few months we’ll be reintroducing the value priced HB2 blade packs at $10 for 10 blades and two adapters!  Because there will be a gap between production runs we will be selling the HB2 in temporary packaging to meet demand.  These will be offered on the site as early as next week (April 4th). When full production starts, the HB2 will be the first HeadBlade item that does away with the hard plastic container; it will come in a resealable poly-bag like we have for the women’s Aveline line.

We’re excited to relaunch the HB2 as it is a great blade at an even better value than the outgoing HB3.  For Shave Plan users we will be shipping HB3’s until stock runs out next month.  We will contact you shortly about switching over to the HB2’s.

For Sport and Classic users we’d love for you to ‘make the jump’ and try the new MOTO.  Here is a coupon that allows you to purchase a MOTO for $1 (HELLOMOTO) at HeadBlade.com.  Limit one per customer.

We appreciate your continued support as we continue to create new and exciting products.  Below is a mock-up of the HB2 production package which will be available by May.  Until then we’ll be using temp packaging.

Todd and Team HeadBlade

We're reintroducing the HB2 blades!
We’re reintroducing the HB2 blades!


Update! Promo Errors Fixed

UPDATE;   Our web company resolved all the issues with our holiday promos.  We appreciate your understanding.  Now please resume your regular scheduled day.  Thanks!  Todd and Team HeadBlade

We all know “Murphy’s Law” and, unfortunately we’ve been struck by it with our holiday promotions.  Our web ‘tech’ company is working on it but essentially this is the issue;  some promo items are showing up in the carts with a price and others are showing up when they should not.  Rest assured we are MANUALLY crediting invoices that are charging for the promo items and we are double-checking all promo items to make sure you get what you ‘should receive.’

The promos are as following:

  • Purchase between $20 and $30 and receive our new Aveline womens’ razor.
  • Purchase between $30 and $50 and receive a free Groomster.
  • Purchase about $50 and get BOTH items free plus FREE SHIPPING.

Granted, some orders may slip out and be incorrect.  When you get your order if you have any issues, please give us a call; we’ll make it right. We’re a small four person company dedicated to headshaving and the support of our customers over the past 19 years means the world to us.

Again, we apologize for the issue…..but want to keep the promo available during the holiday.   Thanks for your understanding.

Todd and Team HeadBlade

HeadBlade Holiday Sales!

This year we’ve decided to make our holiday offerings simple and meaningful; just how life should be.doorbuster_bag_web

$1 off messenger bags!  We pick the color.  One per customer.  Since we can’t control how many you do put in the basket, we will void the ENTIRE order of anyone that adds more than one.  The idea is to allow as many HeadBladers to get this great offering; not to have one person buy as many as they can and then resell on Ebay or Amazon.  We appreciate your patronage and hope you understand.

HeadCase_with MOTO box

$10 Special on MOTO in the MOTO HeadCase. This is a promotional offering good until Christmas.  The regular price is $18 and this is a tremendous savings that will allow you to have a dedicated MOTO for travel or your gym bag.

free_avelineFREE Aveline Razor with any purchase of $20 or more.   We’ve spent the last three years developing a great women’s leg and body shaver. This new offering went live last month and we just launched the website (www.AvelineRazor.com).  An amazing deal and stocking stuffer!  Hopefully you’ll turn your wife/friend/lover/relative into being a Team Aveline member!!

free_groomsterFREE Groomster with any $30 purchase.  A perennial favorite, this item will keep your nails trim and professional.  Comes in a handy travel case.

FREE Groomster and Aveline for any $50 purchase.

Over the next few weeks we may have some additional incentives but NONE will compare with the above deals which ALL run through Christmas, or while supplies last.

We appreciate your business!! We’re a small four-person company and we run this place lean and mean.  We’re taking the weekend off and will be back on  Monday to answer any emails or calls.  Enjoy the weekend with your loved ones and make the most of every day!!!

Todd and Team HeadBlade

From HairClub to No Club; HeadBlade’s New Spokesperson!

HeadBlade Announces Actor Tom Wainman as New Brand Spokesperson

Gardena, CA – HeadBlade, the leader in HeadCare and developers of the ultimate head shaving razor, the HeadBlade MOTO, today announced actor Tom Wainman as the brand’s newest spokesperson.  Tom joins the HeadBlade team as part of a robust marketing campaign to help build awareness of head shaving as an alternative to hair restoration and replacement treatments.

Tom’s partnership with the brand will focus on the award winning HeadCare line featuring the HeadBlade MOTO, a uniquely designed head shaving razor that allows the blade to pivot up and down to follow the contours of the scalp while the body can lean side-to-side creating an ideal and ergonomic solution for head shaving.  Tom will play an integral role in spreading awareness of the ease of use affordability and style that comes with having a freshly shaved head.

“After many years advocating non-surgical and other forms of hair restoration, I am delighted to join HeadBlade and embrace shaving my head.  Not only is shaving my head with HeadBlade a time saver, shaved heads are very socially acceptable today….. and actually look cool! I started shaving my head after I got fed up with the look and maintenance of nonsurgical alternatives.  HeadBlade is the perfect fit for me and my proactive lifestyle,” said Tom.

As a well-known actor and spokesman, Tom has appeared in many national commercial and industrial films for companies such as Disney, Home Depot, Dick’s Sporting, John Deere and many more.  Tom also served as the spokesperson for The Hair Club For Men, now know as Hair Club.  In this capacity, popularized in television commercials and infomercials, Tom advocated surgical and nonsurgical solutions to male pattern baldness.  It is fitting that his current take-charge regard to hair loss is to be bold and shave it off.

“When we learned that Tom was shaving his head and was already a HeadBlader, it was a no-brainer to get him on board.  What an interesting picture he has painted of the evolution and popularization of head shaving,” said Todd Greene, President and inventor of HeadBlade, Inc.  “Tom embodies our consumers who may have struggled with losing their hair and the alternatives of how to deal with it.  He ultimately took his stand to look his best.”

The campaign will show consumers how HeadBlade is advancing in new directions, focusing on design and innovation of its razors and skin care line.  The campaign will kick off with a series of videos featuring Tom.

For more information on HeadBlade, please visit www.HeadBlade.com

Watch more of Tom’s video series “No Rugs, No Plugs – The Secrets the Hair-Loss Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know.”

About HeadBlade

Founded by Todd Greene in 1999, HeadBlade, Inc., is dedicated to making head-shaving easy, fast, and affordable. The original HeadBlade drew the attention of the press and began winning numerous awards and honors for its unique and ergonomic design, including the IDSA Silver Award, and Time Magazine named it one of the “Ten Best Designs of 2000.” In 2005 the HeadBlade Razor was put into the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in NYC (MoMA) and is a permanent display item in the Museum of Ideas and Inventions in Barcelona, Spain.

Aveline Leg Shaver Now Available on Indiegogo

Todd here. Good news: the Aveline® razor is now LIVE on Indiegogo!

But instead of me telling you about it, I thought it would be best to introduce Lauren Gauthier who has been working hard to bring the Aveline to life on Indiegogo. Lauren is a travel blogger, beauty expert, brand advocate, producer, long-time shaving aficionado—and our VP of Marketing behind Aveline. She joined the HeadBlade® team in late 2017. She understands women much better than I do and has been instrumental in both the testing and marketing phase for this new venture.

Today, on launch day, Lauren will taking over the blog to tell you guys all about the Aveline razor. Here she is–Lauren, take it away. 


Thanks for the intro Todd.

I know all you HeadBladers out there are probably wondering what the heck this new Aveline razor is and what it can offer the women in your life. 

The Aveline razor will be to women’s leg shaving like the HeadBlade was to men’s head shaving. 

It’s the world’s first ever 5-way pivoting, 6 blade system for women. No other razor on the market has a pivoting head that smoothly pivots in 5 directions to hit the hardest-to-reach places on a woman’s body. 

As a longtime health blogger, I know what women look for, want and appreciate having in their beauty routine. Things like quality, consistency, simplicity, style, uniqueness. I’ve used lots of razors in my lifetime so far and sampled many over the years, including your basic shavers, disposables, even men’s razors. But I’ve never been as impressed with one as I have with the Aveline.  I mean, just watch this video about it. Need I say more?

Just think, if the woman in your life had an Aveline:

  • She wouldn’t complain about shaving. 
  • She would actually LIKE shaving.
  • She wouldn’t have to borrow yours.
  • She would have smooth legs for days with no missed hairs.
  • Best of all, you wouldn’t ever have to feel stubbly legs!

So pre-order an Aveline razor now so she’ll be the first to own it when it hits the mass market in June 2018. 

P.s. BTW, guys––Valentine’s day is coming up… so a pre-order of the Aveline razor kit might just be the best unique VDAY gift you’ll ever give. Hint, hint. (get early bird discounts when you sign up!).

Retail Update

Lately we’ve had a lot of emails concerning our departure from Walgreens.  It’s true; as of February 3rd we will no longer be supplying HeadBlade products to Walgreens nationwide.

This change has been in the works for a while and the new direction makes sense, for us and for you, as I’ll explain below.

Since we came out with the original HeadBlade in 1999 a lot has changed with retail and how consumers buy products.  When we first launched we sold our products online at HeadBlade.com and in select stores here in the Los Angeles area.

Our mission was, and still is, to get our products in the hands of headshavers.   Eighteen years ago the only option was to go into mass retail.  Even though HeadBlade had already been named by Time Magazine as one of the “Ten Best Designs” in the world in 2000, other magazines were reluctant to cover a product that was only available online.  They referred to companies like HeadBlade as  “dotcoms.” There was no choice; we had to get on store shelves.

Because only about 4% of men keep their heads shaved, both the retailers and our distributors understood we would not have the ‘turns,’ or sales, of a more general item.  Retailers like us because we’re a destination item; if the consumer knows they can only get HeadBlade from their store, the consumer will buy their other products during the same visit.  It worked fairly well for many years.  We were in Rite Aid for over a decade; the same with Walgreens. We stocked 1,000 Walmart stores at one point, and have been in CVS twice.

Then what changed?

Well, you did, for starters.

You started buying more items online.  Amazon Prime happened.  Ebay got popular.  Subscription sites sprouted up from the ground.

And our wholesalers also changed.  Originally contracted to supply HeadBlade products to small independently run retailers, our distributors were diverting product, selling it online, and undercutting our prices.

The landscape evolved.  The lines got blurred; and being in retail no longer meant offline or brick and mortar.  There are some very large companies that only sell online; their products never seeing a store shelf.

So we made the pivot.

Although we currently sell direct to CVS, Giant Eagle, and a couple of mid-size chains, we’re not opening up any new accounts.  Other than these existing accounts, we’re gearing up to be online only.  We have a subscription Shave Plan that has free shipping.  You can also buy HeadBlade products on Ebay, Amazon and, if you have PRIME, you’ll also get free shipping.

Which brings me to my last point.

“Continuity gives us roots; change gives us branches, letting us stretch and grow and reach new heights.” —Pauline R. Kezer

Our company consists of five employees, all whom are dedicated to our products and our customers.  We’re a team and we consider you part of it.  We want to grow.   And we’re going to grow.  Over the past two years we have been developing a leg shaver for women. This has been on the drawing board for almost a decade and, in 2015, while designing the MOTO,  we started the process for the new women’s line.

We’ve incorporated a lot of HeadBlade IP and new technology and expanded on it.  We’ve engineered an all-new blade system; no more adapters.  Just push a button and the blade comes out.  And it’s simple to reload the next blade.

In a few weeks we’ll launch an Indiegogo campaign to raise money for the new razor.  We’ll promote it via our site and social media. We’ll include you because hopefully you know a woman or two who would love to experience great design as it relates to getting silky smooth legs with ease.

And, as the paradigm shifts, we’ll be able to implement many of these improvements into future HeadBlades.  In 2019 you’ll be able to load, and unload, your HeadBlade blade cartridge with ease.  The women’s razor is going to lead the way, and we need your help.

You’ll see all of this on Monday, February 12th when we officially ‘unveil’ the new razor.  If you’re signed up for the HeadBlade newsletter you’ll see it before then.

Thanks again for your continued support of HeadBlade.

Todd Greene
Owner and Founder
HeadBlade, Inc.

New Improved MOTO!

At HeadBlade we’re committed to making the best head shaving products in the world.  You may be surprised we’re such a small company (five people) and that we’ve invested millions of dollars to design, develop, and manufacture our products. Simply stated; HeadBlade is our passion.

Once we put a product into production we do not stop improving its design.  Like any large company we make running changes and improvements based on testing, consumer feedback, and our commitment to excellence.

The new, award-winning MOTO, which was introduced at the end of 2016 has been revamped and we’re proud to tell you of some of the improvements, and how to spot them.  All HeadBlades that have been shipped via our site since June, consist of these modifications.

If you bought one via Amazon or one of the many retail outlets we supply, you may have one from an early production run. Whether you wish to upgrade is up to you; we just want you to be aware of improvements since they may address comments/concerns you had about the original run of MOTO’s.  Like any car manufacturer, we continually improve our current products while developing the next generation.

Below are factory renderings that show the improvements, which include:

1) Strong finger-ring material and more of a ‘closed-loop’ design which ensures a snug fit on any size finger.


2) Extruded gills on the outside of the vents. This is to help facilitate holding the razor in a more conventional manner while face or body shaving.


3) Stronger center shaft which will prevent ‘axle-break.’  We have had some customers break their units while changing a blade or adaptor.  This weakening of the shaft may not be immediately noticed and may disengage from the body while shaving. The actual cause is stress from blade changing.  We made a quick video a few months ago to show proper blade change for the MOTO.



As always, we appreciate your support as we strive to make the best headshaving products available in the world.  Which MOTO do you have?  The easiest way is to look for the extruded gills on the side of the unit.  If you see/feel them, you have the newest model.  All LE’s have the modifications.

Thanks again for being part of the HeadBlade Team.  If you have questions or comments please feel free to contact Todd Greene, Owner and Founder of HeadBlade. “Todd@HeadBlade.com”

Holiday Ship Schedule (and discount!)

It’s the last week before Christmas and, if you’re purchasing online, you pretty much have this weekend to submit an order.  This weekend we’re including a $5 off discount on all FedEx Express services, which includes

FedEx Express Saver® (3 Day Shipping)
FedEx 2Day®
FedEx Standard Overnight®

So please get your orders in so we can ship them out on Monday!!  Below is our holiday shipping schedule.

Enjoy the weekend!


Black Friday 2017!

It’s amazing that the holidays are already here!  It just seems like yesterday it was 70 degrees and sunny here in LA (it actually was sunny and 70 here).  But don’t let this warm spell keep you from getting into that holiday spirit. Purchase more than $30 on the site this weekend and get a free grey beanie!   You always need to keep the head warm!

Below is a rundown of all of our scheduled Black Friday deals.

The biggest news is the S4 MOTO is only $59.99 and if you buy it this weekend you’ll ALSO get the FREE HeadStand AND the FREE Beanie!!!

The sale will run through Tuesday morning, when we’re back in from the holiday weekend.  Thanks!

HeadBlade Black Friday
HeadBlade Holiday Deals!