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HeadBlade continues to shave its own path with the new HeadBlade Moto. For over twenty years, HeadBlade has been perfecting the shaving experience. Like most ideas, it all started with a personal need. How do you shave your head faster, without nicks, and without contorting your neck to see into the mirror while you do it?

It wasn’t easy. Every head contour is completely different. So, it took more than one hundred mockups of wood, clay, and even scrap packing foam, to set into motion what is known today as HeadBlade. With all the still-not-there concepts and endless “aha” moments that were truly fleeting… it was all worth it. HeadBlade was getting noticed.

Now we have Moto. This is our best HeadBlade yet. There is no other product out there that shaves your head with such smooth, nick-free results. The ergonomic Moto has a dual suspension, leaning and pivoting as it follows the contour of the unique surface of your head. It’s one clean, shiny shave! And since the Moto really knows your head, you’ll get the job done in half the time of a standard razor. One stroke to every two, without a cut or even a mirror!

HeadBlade Moto. It’s an incredible head shave that began with thousands of ideas.

See the HeadBlade MOTO in Action!

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