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S4 MOTO GreeneBlade
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    S4 MOTO GreeneBlade


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    Introduced in 2020.

    The S4 MOTO GreeneBlade is dedicated to Todd Greene, the founder and creator of HeadBlade. These blades are made of stainless steel through a laborious lost wax casting technique and are hand polished, then coated in a deep green finish. Each one is finished by hand, so no 2 GreeneBlades have the same color and hue. We used a British Racing Green, in honor of Todd’s love of motor sports, and worked in subtle ribbons of yellow and blue, Todd’s personal favorite colors. Every GreeneBlade has a laser-etched signature of Todd Greene, along with his initials below the signature. We designed a new box just for the S4 GreeneBlade, and the interior flap hosts a dedication to Todd, along with his picture. Like all S4 models, we’ve only made 3,000 so make sure to place your order while they are still available for purchase.

    As a final gift to Todd, we are donating a portion of the sales of this product to The American Cancer Society.


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